I teach authentic yoga from beginners to advanced, always adjusting with compassion to the energy and the circumstances of the space and the people in it. My classes are extremely rich in depth and are multidimensional, but always accessible and simple-worded, coming from a modern yoga perspective with an interdisciplinary approach to the system.


I love to teach meditation to all kinds of people with different backgrounds: I enjoy the challenge of making something very complex and powerful more approachable and useful, inspiring a daily practice. I’m good at finding a perfect technique for the needs of the moment and am flexible when it comes to offering a variety of tools to make the practice of meditation enjoyable and long-lasting.


My passion is to share my knowledge and experience with others, also in a lecture, discussion, or panel formats. I can speak on a variety of subjects pertaining to yoga & spirituality in connection to other disciplines and sciences, especially to Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Western Philosophy, Buddhism, Music, Arts, and Nutrition.