The Heart on Fire

When people give me feedback about my classes, events, or lessons, they always mention that I’m a “fiery” person who speak from the heart. The way we are in the world cannot manipulated: our consciousness vibrates at a certain frequency and this cannot be faked. As a result, my personal podcast is called “The Heart on Fire”. However, my podcast will not be only about me: I’m planning to tell you stories about people I know or use fictional characters to make a point across, interview people who inspire me and whom I admire, as well as read out to you passages from the books that are insightful.


Episode #1: my story

In this Episode, I share my personal story and where my yoga journey has brought me so far, providing a background for what I know, what I do, and what I’m planning to achieve.


Episode #2: teaching yoga these days

This time around, I’m going to talk about the challenges of being a freelance yoga teacher, will share a few stories from my friends, and give some practical tips to struggling yoga teachers.


Episode #3: practicing yoga off the mat

Here I’ll talk about how I try to incorporate yoga and mindfulness in my daily life: from routines to special occasions, the lessons I’m learning about the meaning of life and finding one’s purpose.