I met Anastasia about 6 years ago and since then I could see her dedication to the practice and her consistency... I really respect her professionalism, honesty, efficiency and her sense of humour.
— Magda Torres | MindRide.org | Berlin

Anastasia is the kind of person everyone needs in her life: optimistic, happy, warm and kind. It was really easy to get along with her and soon she became an example I wanted to follow.

Three and a half years later, yoga is part of my life and Anastasia is a dear friend whom I admire so much. I consider myself really lucky to have met this wonderful person who introduced me to a great life through yoga.
— Luiza V. | Business Owner | Berlin

From the very first class I enjoyed Anastasia’s way of teaching. She transmits her passion for yoga and makes everyone feel comfortable and reconnected with themselves. She creates a space where everybody can feel safe, supported and welcome. She inspired me to start my very own journey :)
— Mireia M. | PhD Student in Psychology | Berlin

I worked with Anastasia in private classes in my home. It has more or less been my introduction to yoga and I’m so glad to have done so with her. She made me feel comfortable and confident right from the start.

Anastasia is skilled and empathetic, so each session was tailored to me, my energy, needs and particular goals of that day. What I also appreciate and found important is the breadth of her theoretical knowledge. She shared when appropriate and it really enriched the experience. I absolutely recommend working with her!
— Amanda Howell | Entrepreneur | Berlin