Berlin Yoga Conference

In 2017, I founded the Berlin Yoga Conference, which is a platform, a community, and an international network created for the exchange and spread of high quality yoga & mindfulness programs and the creation of specialty events. The second edition of the conference will take place in June 19-21 2020.


Five Meditations

In Sanskrit, »Yoga« means to connect, to concentrate. The multi-disciplinary FiveMeditations connect performers and audience, without anyone leaving their seats. The performance is designed as a ritual: The audience follows the yogi’s lead, guiding them through five simple concentration exercises (meditations) with a setup part, then practice, and at the end, some space for reflection. Everyone is engaged throughout physically, mentally and spiritually. The acoustic and tonal music serves both as a piece of art and also as a guide to an awareness practice for the exercises. It incorporates elements inspired by minimalism, world and electronic music.

Original Composition/Piano: Ohad Ben-Ari

Practice lead by Anastasia Shevchenko