Yoga, Wellness, and Health


Yoga is a wholistic system of well-being that is more than ever applicable today. In the modern times, it is absolutely necessary to find one’s best way to practice: to become fit, to cope with stress, to find relaxation, to access mental stability, striving for a life of balance, health, and true satisfaction. Through the physical postures, together with other yogic techniques and wisdoms, I can help you reach your goals at this moment. My private classes start with 100€ per hour. I only teach group sessions at festivals and on special occasions - stay informed by signing up for my Newsletter.


Personal Development & Coaching


Yoga is not only about the physical postures, nor is it just some esoteric philosophy or striving for transcendental experiences. In a practical sense, yoga is a tool with which you build on your awareness, making continuous transformational process possible, realizing your fullest potential and finding the most natural and joyful way in which you can share your gifts with others. I would love to teach you how this works and guide you on your journey. My coaching sessions start with 50€ per 30 minutes and can be done in person, on the phone, or by Skype.


Marketing & Branding


Before becoming a yoga teacher, I studied Interdisciplinary Design Studies, Communications Sciences, and Languages. I quit my job as a PR manager to follow my heart’s true purpose, later to realize the importance of what I learned and to discover a natural talent for finding ways in which to communicate one’s value/s and unique offer, standing out from the crowd. Through my work on the Berlin Yoga Conference, I have a point of access into the epicenter of the yoga industry - I can share what I know with you and help you grow your brand and become the most successful true version of the self/your company. My consulting service fees vary depending on the project and I’m happy to accommodate different budgets. Contact me for more infos!