Yoga is an ancient science of well-being that is more than ever applicable today.

Yoga begins as something that you do occasionally and slowly it becomes a way of life.

This is how yoga works:

Most often you start practicing yoga when something is lacking. It may be a lack of health, a lack of confidence, a lack of mental peace, a lack of overall happiness…

With yoga you stop lacking and start gaining: physical and mental well-being, a more relaxed composure, a more positive outlook towards life.

What happens, is that yoga helps you to become more aware of yourself.

You are able to better understand your own emotional reactions and mental patterns that prevent you from building constructive relationships in your life and living the life you always wanted.

Yoga also helps you to become more aware of others.

You are then more able to see the true essence behind people instead of your own false ideas about them. This helps you to understand others better and cultivate compassion for people’s suffering.

The path of yoga is not easy.

It is a long process that lasts a life-time, requiring perseverance and self-discipline, as well as courage, self-honesty and humility.

Basically, you never stop learning about yourself, others, and the world around you.

Meanwhile yoga really gives you the necessary tools you to navigate throughout life, minimizing the effects of human ignorance and suffering.

Yoga is not a panacea, but a method.

Through hard work and self-discovery, yoga brings you to self-realization, resulting in life satisfaction, a sense of peace, and unconditional love and happiness.