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10 Reasons to share asana on social media

After a very beautiful and fruitful discussion that I had the pleasure and privilege to engage in with my fellow yogis on a community page, I have complied 10 reasons why I personally don’t feel bad anymore about posting photos and … Continued

Social Media and My Yoga Life

Recently, as a yoga teacher, I decided to become more active on social media. For the longest time since my teacher training in 2013, I would refuse self-promotion through the exhibition of asana and would focus solely on posting regularly … Continued

yoga teacher

Yoga Teacher: what to look for in a good yoga teacher

Photo credit: Following up on my article “Yoga Student: how to make personal progress on the path of modern yoga“, in which I talked about the dilemmas of the modern yoga student and gave suggestions how to deal with them, today … Continued

Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat Yamas and niyamas are the yogic ethical principles and codes of conduct. They are ought to be practiced by everybody who is serious about their yoga practice. While you … Continued

Neuroscience and Yoga

Image credit: Neuroscience is a study of the brain and the nervous system. There are many branches of neuroscience that specialize on the specific areas of research and interest. Every year exciting new studies and findings shine some light into … Continued