Yoga in the Circle

Photo credit: Hyun Ju Chung – Yoga in the Circle Some time ago I met Alona Harpaz of the Circle 1 Art Gallery in Berlin through my husband. On that day Alona was very excited about her new idea – … Continued

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Photo credit: Ashtanga Yoga First Series by John Scott I first tried out an Ashtanga yoga class in Madrid when doing a study exchange in Spain. That was back in the summer 2011. There was a small apartment made into … Continued

Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat Yamas and niyamas are the yogic ethical principles and codes of conduct. They are ought to be practiced by everybody who is serious about their yoga practice. While you … Continued

Which Yoga Method is Best for You

Photo credit: Anyone starting out their Yoga journey, even a seasoned practitioner, ask themselves this question: which yoga method is best for me? Usually we start our yoga classes with one idea in mind, and as we progress through life and … Continued

Follow your Intuition

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko The article”Follow your Intuition” (EN) or “Folge deiner Intuition” (DE) was published in YOGA AKTUELL June-July issue 2015. The article deals with the question of yoga in pregnancy and how to best proceed with the practice in … Continued