Heathy Gut

  Photo credit: Get Real Living It turns out that a healthy gut determines your overall health in the most atrociously straightforward way. Not only that, your gut has an ability to influence your mood, your choices, your behavior, and … Continued

Healing in Bali

Photo credit: Shannon O’Donnell from alittleadrift.com Healing in Bali is definitely something to do. Ever since that book “Eat, Pray, Love” saw the light, thousands of tourists have been seeking healing experiences in Bali. Some, like Elizabeth Gilbert, go to see a … Continued

Heal Yourself Post-Pregnancy

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko My son Liam is now 3 months old. Like many women out there, I had to deal with some dramatic changes in my body during pregnancy, and I learned how to heal myself post-pregnancy. Here’s a list … Continued

Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Photo credit: www.americanpregnancy.org Drinking herbal tea daily is a habit that promotes health, beauty, and longevity. Herbal tea contains no caffeine and therefore has a hydrating effect on the body. It substitutes less healthy choices such as sugary and carbonated … Continued