Addiction: the Dark Side of our Modern Existence

Photo credit: Understanding addictive behavior, why it is on the rise, and how to combat it As I look around, I notice a disturbing trend that is confirmed by stories I hear, news I read, research in the scientific journals, … Continued

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Ashtanga Yoga

Photo credit: Ashtanga Yoga First Series by John Scott I first tried out an Ashtanga yoga class in Madrid when doing a study exchange in Spain. That was back in the summer 2011. There was a small apartment made into … Continued

Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko Practicing Yamas and Niyamas on the Mat Yamas and niyamas are the yogic ethical principles and codes of conduct. They are ought to be practiced by everybody who is serious about their yoga practice. While you … Continued

Which Yoga Method is Best for You

Photo credit: Anyone starting out their Yoga journey, even a seasoned practitioner, ask themselves this question: which yoga method is best for me? Usually we start our yoga classes with one idea in mind, and as we progress through life and … Continued

Why I Got Addicted to Ashtanga Yoga?

Image credit: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series About two month ago I decided to start practicing Ashtanga Yoga in a local Ashtanga Yoga Berlin studio. Before this I would do a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa styles at home, every morning … Continued