What Makes Us Human and How Yoga Makes Us More Humane

Looking at Blade Runner 2049 for Answers Me and science-fiction – it’s a love affair! With passionate interests and autodidact studies in physics, quantum mechanics, and cognitive sciences, I also cannot imagine my life without literature, philosophy, spirituality, and of … Continued

BYC2017: Impressions Day 3

1. ROCKET YOGA WITH NINA ADAMS This was a long-waited for Rocket Yoga class with the amazing Nina Adams. I was very excited to try out this yoga method originally based on the Ashtanga Yoga. Already in existence for more than 25 years, … Continued

BYC2017: Impressions Day 2

1. CHI QUNG & YOGA WITH KRISHNA TAKIS & PATRICK BROOME Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko Intrigued by the combination and the two very well-known teachers in the field, I start my day with this class. The beginning half is led by … Continued

BYC2017: Impressions Day 1

1. JIVAMUKTI YOGA WITH OLGA OSKORBINA Photo: Anastasia Shevchenko I walk into the room and place my mat at the front. Olga Oskorbina, surrounded by her senior students, is preparing for the class. In just a couple of minutes she … Continued