Why I Started Practicing Yoga

Photo¬†credit: Anastasia Shevchenko More and more people turn to yoga for various reasons, having different needs. As they get into it, they realize that yoga truly is an inexhaustible and ageless source of wisdom and a tried-and-true method to live … Continued

Magic Asana of the Day – the Cobra Pose

Photo credit: Anastasia Shevchenko Today let me introduce to you a yoga posture the benefits of which extend significantly into three main areas: back health, digestive system health, and female reproductive system health. Bhujangasana, otherwise knows as the cobra pose, … Continued

What are the Chakras?

Image credit:¬†healthandenergynetwork.com According to yogic philosophy, chakras are energy centres in the energy body of humans and animals (pranamayakosha). There are thousands of such energy centres in our body, but 7 of them are most important . Chakras are physically … Continued